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About Venture Industries Group

Venture Industries Sp z.o.o. has been producing and distributing ventilation equipment since 1990.
We guarantee high quality products along with exceptional customer service.

Venture Industries Group

About our company

We are aware that the development of our company depends on the satisfaction of all customers who use our services directly, i.e. installation companies, construction companies, specialized stores, as well as investors who are final customers.

We are convinced that expanding the commercial offer, shortening delivery times, increasing the qualifications of employees and continuously improving the level of customer service and the quality of supplied equipment will ensure the achievement of the desired goal.

The offer of manufactured equipment is constantly expanding. In addition to devices intended for ventilation of rooms (duct, wall and roof fans) are also devices for technological applications.

Sales and activities

Venture Industries Group

The company's story

Venture Industries' social responsibility

Our goals

  • Ensuring stable, safe and friendly working conditions
  • Ensuring clarity and ethical business conduct
  • Ensuring reliable, honest and professional customer service
  • Ensuring high quality products based on an internal quality management system
  • Compliance with applicable legal requirements
  • Environmental protection
  • Commitment to the local community
  • Helping people who are in need

We provide stable employment conditions,
support the individual development of the employee,
have a pro-family policy,
guarantee a safe working environment and respect our Employees.
We know that the company is made up of people and we support Employees in emergency situations

Working conditions

Above average social conditions and ergonomic workplaces we have a full range of individual health measures at workplaces. Our lunchrooms are equipped with full, comfortable facilities and we offer regenerative meals. We also do continuous investment in modern machinery.


We support our employees who play sports. Venture Industries teams: soccer, basketball, volleyball, funding the participation of teams in sports competitions. We also do sponsorship of extremely talented athletes, and we are financing of sports activities.


We organize team-building events for employees and their families. Every year we invite all employees for a meeting summarizing the previous year and we enable Employees to participate in events organized at the country's best sports facilities.

Ecology today is a necessity

Clean-air this slogan accompanies
us from the beginning

Responsibility is our duty

By combining the above items, we take care of the environment and implement eco-friendly solutions. Venture Industries Headquarters supplies most of the energy demand from the company's own photovoltaic installation.

Total installed
photovoltaic power kWp


We have produced
clean energy kWh

102 289 ~Today 254 kWh

We have reduced
emisję CO2 emissions kg

101 982 Today 283 kg

The equivalent
of planted trees pcs

17 048 Today 47

As of the day: 04.08.2022

Responsible supply chain

Supply chain management and, above all, choosing the right supplier is one of the most challenging areas of doing business. At the present time, the price of goods, services are not the decisive factor while looking for a supplier.

Guided by CSR, we are looking for suppliers who, just like us, care about the transparency of their company, employees, the environment, occupational safety and, above all, the quality of the product.

Our priority is the quality of our products. Hence the constant improvement and care taken to confirm the declared properties of the devices by independent certification bodies.

Ensuring that Venture Industries Group products are at the top quality is critical to the company's success.

Venture Industries Group code of ethics and anti-corruption policy

Dear associates

Every day we work together for the success of Venture Industries Group. The foundation is our reputation and the trust of our customers, which also stems from our daily conduct and behavior in the workplace and wherever we represent the Company.

The labor code sets ethical and rightful standards as well as internal principles which we follow, and all written provisions must be consequently observed and implemented by employees of Venture Industries Group, from human rights, workplace, protection of the surrounding natural environment to the attitude towards contractors.

The establishment of this Code confirms that we are a reliable Company based on respect for the law, existing procedures and the highest standards of conduct. Remember that the values contained in the Code require us to be responsible, reliable and honest, and we must always do the right thing, i.e. act in the interests of the public at large: customers, co-workers, shareholders and ourselves. These principles are a valuable guidepost for Us in making everyday decisions and the right choices. Together we create Our reality.

Wojciech Stawski
Venture Inudstries Sp. z o.o. Director

Work at Venture Industries

Venture Industries Group promotes a policy of equal opportunity using open recruitment and selection procedures. Staffing and awards are made solely on the basis of work performance, commitment, qualifications regardless of color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, citizenship status, ancestry or physical function. The hiring, promotion, compensation, transfer of an employee or termination of employment is determined solely by objective criteria.

Information security

Business data and financial records

Venture Industries Group requires legal compliance, reliable and accurate recording and reporting of information as a basis for making business decisions.

Out of concern for the security of our clients, we would like to inform you about the Personal Data Protection in effect at Venture Industries Group.

Promoting a culture of ethics and compliance

The Code of Ethics and Anti-Corruption Policy of Venture Industries Group represents the commitment of every employee to comply with the norms and standards adopted by the Company and applicable laws, regardless of position, seniority, location and working hours.

Executives at all levels of management at Venture Industries Group are individuals whose attitude should set an example and be a role model for other employees.

Anti-corruption Policy Venture Industries Group

Venture Industries Group conducts business activities in compliance with the highest standards, thereby adopting a zero-tolerance policy for corruption with respect to all manifestations of business activities. The zero-tolerance policy on corruption applies to All of Us, as well as to associates and business partners acting on Our behalf.

This Anti-Corruption Policy is supplemented by the Guidelines for the Prevention of Corruption at Venture Industries Group, which provide detailed rules and standards for its application.

Quality - certificates

To provide a high level of services, consistent with customer requirements and international standards, Venture Industries Group
has been maintaining and improving its integrated management system in accordance with standards for almost 20 years:

  • - PN-EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems — Requirements,
  • - PN-EN ISO/IEC 80079-34 Explosive atmospheres - Part 34: Application of quality management systems for Ex Product manufacture
  • - PN-EN ISO 3834-3:2007 Quality requirements for the welding of metallic materials - Part 3: Standard quality requirements,
  • - PN-EN 12101-3:2015-10 Smoke and heat control systems - Part 3: Specification for powered smoke and heat control ventilators (Fans),
  • - PN-EN ISO 14001:2015-09 Environmental management systems - Requirements and guidelines for use.
Certificate ISO 9001
Environmental Certificate ISO14001
Welding Institute Certificate
Certificate of the European Welding Federation
Certificate of the International Welding Institute
Certificate of the sole representative of Soler&Palau in Poland
Golden Payer Certificate

Prizes and awards

Lider Instalacji
Acanthus Aureus
Gazele Biznesu 2015
Gazele Biznesu 2014
Gazele Biznesu 2013
Gazele Biznesu 2012
Gazele Biznesu 2007
Gazele Biznesu 2006
Gazele Biznesu 2005

Venture Industries Group