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Research and development

Research and development department in Venture Industries is one of the most important research and development centers in the field of ventilation in Poland.
Work at Venture

In this place our original products and solutions, which can be seen across the Poland and through countries of the world, are being created. Our engineers’ solutions have direct influence on safety in production plants or level of comfort in daily living space.

Research and development

Our team consists of qualified specialists from multiple fields. Together we are creating environment where we can share knowledge and experience freely. We also leave space for independence which is important in process of discovering new solutions. We are looking for people who can materialize visions of their original ideas into projects and products.

Our products are used in many fields: industry, construction, agriculture, public use facilities, service establishments. Our devices are able to work in areas with explosion danger and to transport high demanding substances such as chemicals, dust or high heat air. Our devices can meet highest and the most difficult requirements.

Our engineers work on solutions every problem in field of ventilation. That is why we are not only implementing new ventilation devices but we also offer other services to our customers to help solve their problems.

Numerical simulations

We are offering support in the field of numerical simulations.
For this we use the newest software – Ansys.
We carry out analyzes such as:

  • determination of parameters of ventilation devices
  • Optimization of construction
  • Strength simulation
  • Air flow and pressure simulation
  • Heat transfers
  • Noise level simulation
  • Vibrations of devices simulation


We determine the full flow characteristics (in accordance with ISO 5801) and the electrical characteristics of the fans.

Electrical support for design

We offer assistance in consulting, design and implementation of automation for our devices

Technical support for design

We help in the implementation of the concept, through 3D modeling, to the finished product.
We have an extensive machine park in which we are able to make both individual prototypes and serial production.

Special Execution

At the client's request, we introduce non-standard solutions in our catalog products

Venture Industries Group