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SQA - Air quality sensor


Air quality sensor

The sensor turns a ventilator on or off if quality of air is outside the preset range. The sensor reacts to: fumes, unpleasant odors, cigarette smoke, humidity, etc.
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SQA - air pollution sensor, turns the fan on or off when the air quality drops below the set level. The sensor reacts to airborne dust, vapors, unpleasant odors or cigarette smoke. The sensor is equipped with an adjustable time delay (1 ÷ 25 minutes).


The SQA detector is not intended for the detection of flammable gases, or for installation in security installations, or as a fire alarm detector.

Technical data

Electric power supply
230 V / 50 Hz

Maximum current / inductive load
2 A

Maximum current /
6 A resistive load

Insulation class

21 protection

130 x 82 x 43 mm

Working temperature
0 ° C ÷ + 50 ° C

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