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PULSER - Speed controller


Speed controller

A device controlling heater based on user-defined temperature setpoint (0-30°C), or internal temperature setpoint.
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One and two-phase heater controller - PULSER, PULSER-M - a device that controls the heater based on the temperature (0-30 ° C) set by the user and the internal temperature sensor. Wall mounting device. The unit can work with additional accessories (not included): a control clock (to lower the temperature setting by an adjustable value of 0-10K during the night or longer absences), an external duct sensor TGK-330 or a room sensor with a TG-R430 adjuster. Protection degree IP30. To control more heaters, a combination of PULSER and PULSER ADD devices should be used. The PULSER-M controller, apart from the above possibilities, also has the function of limiting the upper and lower temperature. For the proper operation of the function, it is required to use an additional duct temperature sensor TGK-360.

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