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PULSER-D - Speed controller


Speed controller

A device controlling heater based on user-defined temperature setpoint (0-30°C), and external temperature sensor (not included).
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One and two-phase heaters controller - PULSER-D - a device controlling the heater based on the temperature (0-30 ° C) set by the user and the external duct temperature sensor TGK-330 or the room sensor TGR530 (no sensors included). Device for mounting on a standard TS35 rail. The unit can work with additional accessories (not included): a control clock (in order to lower the temperature setting by 5K during the night or longer absences), a room sensor with the TG-R430 adjuster or the TBI-30 panel adjuster. To control more heaters, a combination of PULSER-D and PULSER ADD devices should be used.

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