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REB-ECOWATT - Speed controller


Speed controller

REB-ECOWATT - used for external speed control of electronically commutated DC motors (TD-ECOWATT).
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REB-ECOWATT - potentiometric (0-10 kΩ) signal adjuster 0-10 V DC.

Designed to regulate the speed of fans type TD ECOWATT, TD SILENT ECOWATT, VENT ECOWATT, CAB ECOWATT, but can also be used to set the speed of other fans equipped with electronically commutated motors (BLDC) such as RF / EC, RFV / EC, IBF / EC or as a manual setter for frequency converters (inverters).


Speed regulators can only work with fans adapted to speed control in one of the above-mentioned ways.

All thyristor regulators can cause engine noise at reduced speed. Due to the deterioration of engine cooling at reduced revs - it is not recommended to lower the engine speed below 50% of the nominal value or, if possible, to use external cooling.

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