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Channel sensor TG-K – channel temperature sensor for use with PULSER, PULSER-M, PULSER-D, TTC-2000, TTC-25, TTC-40F.
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Duct sensor - TGK- .. - NTC type available in two versions with different temperature ranges: 0-30 ° C (TGK-330) and 0-60 ° C (TGK-360). The sensor is delivered with 1.5 m two-wire cable. The user can extend the cable. The probe mounting plate allows you to place the probe with a diameter of 9 mm at a depth of 15 ÷ 145 mm inside the ventilation duct, thus adapting to different sizes of ducts. Installation of the plate through two Ø 5 mm holes spaced 30 mm apart.

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