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TT-S4/D - Controller



Based on a stepper microprocessor controller used to control the electric heating system. It has been designed to work with TTC40 or other drivers, including DDC controllers.
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The TT-S4 / D is a microprocessor-based step controller for controlling an electric heating system. The TT-S4 / D is designed to work with the TTC40 or other controllers including DDC controllers. In cooperation with TTC40, it provides accurate and stable control of electric current.


  • Signal at 0-10V DC input.
  • 4 sequential steps or 15 binary steps.
  • Ability to set the number of steps.
  • The TTC40 flow rate gives precise temperature control.
  • Small dimensions for mounting on DIN rails. Built-in test device for easy commissioning tests.
  • All setting knobs are easily accessible from the front panel.
  • It controls up to 443 kW (binary) with TTC40 and 400V three-phase, 255 kW (binary) with TTC40 and 230V three-phase.

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