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VREB - Speed controller


Speed controller

Single-phase, continuously variable thiristor speed governor in surface mounted version. Controller designed for cooperation with electric engines supplied by single phase (230 / 50Hz) current, adapted for voltage speed control.
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TLR 15 DS, TLR 25 DS - single-phase (230 V / 50 Hz) stepless thyristor regulator, available in surface-mounted version.

The device has the ability to adjust the lower setting range, it is equipped with a switch integrated with the adjuster.


Speed regulators can only work with fans adapted to speed control in one of the above-mentioned ways.

All thyristor regulators can cause engine noise at reduced speed. Due to the deterioration of engine cooling at reduced revs - it is not recommended to lower the engine speed below 50% of the nominal value or, if possible, to use external cooling.

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