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ES-10D - Thermostat



Thermostat designed to regulate the temperature in the room. The controller directly controls the heating or fan device or provides information about the temperature level to the supervisory system.
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ES-10D - Temperature controller, has a digital temperature readout and indication calibration function. The ON-OFF control method with adjustable hysteresis was used. The regulator is equipped with a high-power 20A relay control output. Operation mode: "heating" or "cooling" is set in the menu.

Article number: 91040947

Power supply: 230VAC ±15%, max 3VA
Degree and protection class: IP20 / II
Regulation method: ON-OFF with hysteresis
Measuring range: -50... 150°C
Measurement accuracy: ±0.5°C
Operating conditions: -5...60°C; 0...85%RH (non-condensing) -40...85°C;
Inputs: 1 temperature sensors: NTC 5k at 25°C (sensors included), digital input
Output: Relay 20A AC-1, resistive load
Mounting: DIN rail TH-35
Sensor cable length: 2m

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