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HST - Centrifugal fan


Centrifugal fan

Fans are designed for the transport of clean air, have many applications in the industry, where in the technological processes should be delivered a small amount of air with high pressure.
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HST fans are designed for transporting clean air. lt has many applications in industry, where in technological processes need a small airflow and high pressure. Typical applications:

  • supplying air to gas burner systems,
  • filtration systems.


  • high-pressure radial fan with direct drive,
  • riveted steel sheet impeller with straight blades dynamically balanced in accordance with ISO1940-1,
  • housing made of steel sheet,
  • fan painted blue RAL 5010 (corrosivity category C3),
  • maximum temperature of the transported medium is 80°C,
  • ambient temperature of the motor from -20°C to +40°C,
  • figure LG270.


  • asynchronous, three-phase 230/400V 50Hz,
  • asynchronous, three-phase 400/690V 50Hz,
  • IE3 efficiency class,
  • degree of protection IP55,
  • insulation class F,
  • three-phase motors are adapted for frequency converter.


  • optionol configuration LG/RO,
  • color other than standard,
  • painting in higher cotegory of corrosivity,
  • motor with voltage and frequency of power different than standard,
  • motor with other than standard degree of protection,
  • motor equipped with sensors or additional cooling,
  • sealing between the housing and the motor,
  • maximum temperature of the transported medium above 80°C,
  • ambient temperature range below -20°C and above +40°C.

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