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KEF EC - Centrifugal fan


Centrifugal fan

KEF radial fans, thanks to their design and low noise level, are dedicated to work in kitchen hoods, eaves in small catering outlets.
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Centrifugal fans because of their design and low noise level are dedicated to work in:

  • Kitchen extractors,
  • Hoods in small gastronomic points.


  • Centrifugal fans with direct drive,
  • Galvanized steel housing, soundproofed and thermally insulated with a mat in A1 fire resistance class, 50mm thick,
  • Impellers in models 160 to 280 with forward-tilted blades type F, welded from galvanized steel sheet, in models 315 and 355 with back-tilted blades welded from aluminum sheet,
  • Dynamically balanced impellers,
  • Motor with impeller mounted on the hinged door, ensuring easy access to interior of the fan and maintenance,
  • Motor cover made of galvanized steel,
  • The fan has handles on which the fan can be placed,
  • Vibro-isolators as standard,
  • The fan on suction and discharge side is equipped with connecting stubs with rubber gaskets.
  • maximum temperature of the supplied medium 120°C.


  • EC motor equipped with a 0-10VDC control input for smooth speed control,,
  • Insulation class – F,
  • Protection level - IP54,
  • Power supply: - three-phase 400V 50/60Hz or – single-phase 230V 50/60Hz (depending on the fan model and motor power).

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