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IBF - In-Line fan


In-Line fan

In-Line fans designed for mounting in any position in rectangular ventilation ducts. Housing made of galvanized sheet steel.
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IBF fans are used in a variety of mechanical ventilation installations, combining the advantages of axial fans – direction flow and radial - stable pressure, low noise level, high efficiency.

Examples of applications are supply ventilation and exhaust:

  • apartments,
  • offices, shops, bars, cafes, restaurants.


  • rotors are made of plastic or aluminum sheet (depending on the model),
  • rotors with backward curved blades,
  • housing made of galvanized steel sheet, flanges on the inlet and outlet sides assembly,
  • inspection hatch,
  • working temperature -40°C  70°C (depending on the model),
  • installation in any rectangular position ventilation ducts.

Electric motor

  • asynchronous, single-phase 230V 50Hz,
  • asynchronous, three-phase 400V, 50Hz with external rotor,
  • thermal protection against overload,
  • for voltage regulation (single-phase motors),
  • for frequency control (three-phase motors).

Special versions

  • painting in a color other than the standard,
  • painting in a higher corrosivity category.

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