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PBM - Centrifugal fan


Centrifugal fan

Radial fan without housing designed to transport clean or slightly dusted air. Its typical applications are drying systems and environmental technology.
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Radial fan without housing, dedicated to clean or lightly polluted air transport. Examples of use:

  • air handling units,
  • drying systems,
  • recirculation systems,
  • spray chambers.


  • directly driven radial fan,
  • aluminium impeller with backward curved blades, dynamically balanced according to ISO 21940-1,
  • fan adapted to horizontal installation,
  • aluminium fan with base elements made of steel painted grey RAL 7042,
  • fan working temperature range from -20oC to +40oC,
  • inlet cone equipped with 4 pressure measuring nipples Ø6mm evenly distributed in inlet circumference near the impeller.


  • asynchronous, three-phase, 230/400V 50Hz or 400/690V 50Hz,
  • degree of protection IP55,
  • insulation class F,
  • adapted for frequency converter.


  • colour other than standard,
  • motor with voltage and frequency of power different than standard,
  • motor with other than standard degree of protection,
  • fan working temperature range below -20oC and above +40oC.

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