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SC - Side channel blower


Side channel blower

Side-channel devices for use in: pneumatic transport, pneumatic mail, graphic machines, pneumatic elevators, industrial vacuum cleaners, wastewater treatment plants, electroplating plants, etc.
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Side-channel blowers are used in pneumatic transport. Typical applications:

  • pneumatic transport,
  • graphic machines, pneumatic lifts, multi-stage filtration devices with a very high degree of dust separation,
  • industrial vacuum cleaners, pools, aeration in biological sewage treatment plants, electroplating plants, etc.,
  • for oil-free transport of non-aggressive and non-explosive gases.


  • side-channel blower with direct drive,
  • the impeller is made of aluminum alloy, dynamically balanced according to ISO 1940-1,
  • the housing is cast in aluminum alloy,
  • blower adapted to work in horizontal or vertical position,
  • standard color of the blower is gray RAL 7042,
  • maximum temperature of the transported medium is 60°C,
  • ambient temperature range from -20°C to +40°C.


  • asynchronous single-phase 230V 50Hz (power to 2,2 kW),
  • asynchronous, three-phase 230V / 400V 50Hz (power to 3 kW),
  • asynchronous, three-phase 400V / 690V 50Hz (power from 4 kW),
  • efficiency class IE3 (from 0,75 kW) or IE2 (below 0,75 kW), degree of protection IP55,
  • insulation class F,
  • three-phase motors are adopted for frequency converter,
  • thermal protection (TP or TP and PTC) - in selected motors.


  • motor with voltage and frequency of power different than standard,
  • single-phase motor adopted to voltage regulation,
  • motor with other than standard degree of protection,
  • motor equipped with sensors or additional cooling,
  • sealing between the housing and the motor,
  • maximum temperature of the transported medium above 60°C,
  • ambient temperature range below -20°C and above +40°C,
  • belt drive.

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