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SC-F - Side channel blower


Side channel blower

Side-channel devices for use in: pneumatic transport, pneumatic mail, graphic machines, pneumatic elevators, industrial vacuum cleaners, wastewater treatment plants, electroplating plants, etc. REQUIRED USE OF THE FREQUENCY DRIVE
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Side-channel blowers are used in pneumatic transport.

Typical applications:

  • pneumatic transport,
  • graphic machines, pneumatic lifts, multi-stage filtration devices with a very high degree of dust separation,
  • industrial vacuum cleaners, pools, aeration in biological sewage treatment plants, electroplating plants, etc.,
  • for oil-free transport of non-aggressive and non-explosive gases.


  • side-channel blower with direct drive,
  • the impeller is made of aluminum alloy, dynamically balanced according to ISO 1940-1,
  • the housing is cast in aluminum alloy,
  • blower adapted to work in horizontal or vertical position,
  • standard color of the blower is gray RAL 7042,
  • maximum temperature of the transported medium is 60°C,
  • ambient temperature range from -20°C to +40°C.


  • asynchronous, three-phase 400V 100Hz (power up to 15 kW),
  • degree of protection IP55,
  • insulation class F,
  • for use with frequency converter,
  • thermal protection (TP or TP and PTC) - in selected motors.
  • external cooling 230V 50Hz


  • motor with voltage and frequency of power different than standard,
  • motor with other than standard degree of protection,
  • sealing between the housing and the motor,
  • maximum temperature of the transported medium above 60°C,
  • ambient temperature range below -20°C and above +40°C
  • belt drive.

If the recommendations are not followed, the motor current increases disproportionately and the drive motor does not reach the rated speed. Under no circumstances should the frequency (rotational speed) be set higher than the 100Hz frequency stated on the nameplate, because the motor may be overloaded or the blower damaged due to too high speed.

The so-called boost, as this causes the drive motor to heat up too much. In order to protect the drive motor, a temperature sensor must be connected to the appropriate inputs of the converter..

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